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NCM Blog

Welcome to our NCM BLOG page where we will address timely investment and financial planning topics...

Top 4 Investments to AVOID! Thumbnail

Top 4 Investments to AVOID!

In this blog, we list the top 4 investments we think most investors should AVOID. While we favor uncomplicated and low-cost investing strategies, there are other investments---even some which we may not use in our own practice--that we still recognize as being useful. However, there are far more others that we feel are too costly, too complicated and, ultimately, unsuitable for the average investor.

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Essential Estate Planning Documents and the Pitfalls to Avoid! Thumbnail

Essential Estate Planning Documents and the Pitfalls to Avoid!

Sometimes in life we learn best from our mistakes, but you don’t want to learn what could be a very hard (and even very expensive) lesson from mistakes made during your estate planning process. In this blog, we will cover the importance of creating an estate plan, the essential estate planning documents as well as some estate planning pitfalls.

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How NOT to Invest in Options! Thumbnail

How NOT to Invest in Options!

As we have written about many times, options trading is exploding on Wall Street and, unsurprisingly, Wall Street is finding fresh ways to capitalize on this frenzy. One particular product becoming extremely popular is called “0DTE” options; that is, options that have zero days to expiration….

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Health & Wealth Check-Up Thumbnail

Health & Wealth Check-Up

It is important that we care for ourselves when it comes to our health, but what lessons can be applied to both our physical and financial wellbeing? Read more for some important considerations…

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