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Superior, Cost-Effective, Unbiased Financial Planning and Investment Advice

The vision for NCM was developed over Nick’s extensive career in the financial services industry. During this time, Nick came to realize that he wanted to serve his clients in a different way. Nick wanted to create a business model that encompassed his core beliefs:

To build long-term relationships by offering superior, cost-effective and unbiased financial planning and investment advice, while providing outstanding personal attention and service at all times.

Our core elements to financial planning success: 


We are a fiduciary to every client, placing client interests above all else.


Only an independent company can be truly “product neutral” and unbiased.

Client uniqueness

As a boutique firm, we are able to personalize financial plans and customize advice for each client’s own unique situation.


NCM clients are charged by the amount of assets, NOT by commissions for every transaction. Our interests are completely aligned with those of our clients.