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Tactical Investing

In today’s environment of more volatile markets, tactical investing can be an important tool in an investor’s portfolio. While the practice of buying and holding quality companies for the long-term should always remain the goal, monitoring and adjusting “what you own” have become essential strategies to achieving long-term investment success. 

At NCM, our philosophy tenets include: 

  • Strategic asset allocation provides an appropriate balance between risk and return, especially during challenging market conditions.
  • Investing in low-cost, tax-efficient, and transparent investments is a proven approach; the investments and securities that we use are all publicly-traded, priced daily and highly liquid.
  • Market timing is NOT an effective long-term investment strategy.
  • Investing in proprietary products often benefits the advisor or firm, not necessarily the client.

In addition, we utilize low-cost, tax-efficient and transparent investments such as: 

Exchange-traded funds (ETF’s)

Individual bonds

Individual securities

Index funds

Managed futures

At NCM, we believe in staying diversified in our portfolios, while also maintaining the flexibility to underweight or overweight in a particular asset class when appropriate. Our team stands ready to add to positions that are more attractive in relative terms, just as we are prepared to step away from an investment that may have appreciated in value and is at a level above our criteria for what dictates a fair price.