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NCM Blog

Welcome to our NCM BLOG page where we will address timely investment and financial planning topics...

Thinking of Buying an Annuity? Consider This..... Thumbnail

Thinking of Buying an Annuity? Consider This.....

Given the stock market volatility, increased lifespans, as well as the state of the world today--with inflation, geopolitical risks and political uncertainty here in the US, more and more individuals are looking for "guaranteed" sources of income. Pensions are being phased out and social security is meant to only be a supplement to retirement income. So, it may not be surprising that sometimes investors feel they have no other option but to buy an annuity, and in some situations, that may be the only choice. In this blog, we will delve into this insurance product and also provide another possible solution!

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Overhyped Wall Street Lingo Thumbnail

Overhyped Wall Street Lingo

In this blog we review popular Wall Street lingo such as: What does it mean to "outperform or underperform"? Is something labeled "Private" always special? What are the different Fee Models and how do they relate to the Fiduciary Rule? Our thoughts and opinions on each......

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Tax Planning to Review NOW Thumbnail

Tax Planning to Review NOW

In 2017, President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which put in place many beneficial tax changes that are set to expire in 2026. Among the changes implemented, the most applicable are the cuts to individual income tax rates, a doubling of the standard deduction and a large increase to the estate tax exemption. If Congress doesn’t extend these, the benefits to taxpayers will expire on December 31, 2025. In this blog, we will focus on the income, estate, gift & charitable planning opportunities to consider, as well as a very recent update from the IRS on mandatory distributions from inherited IRA accounts.

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Key Signs You Might Need to Speak with a Wealth Advisor Thumbnail

Key Signs You Might Need to Speak with a Wealth Advisor

When it comes to managing a financial plan, some people choose to do this without the help of a professional. This might be a viable option if they have the discipline, interest, expertise, time and the ability to remove emotion from important financial decisions. For those people, the DIY approach may, indeed, work. However, for the many others who may lack in one (or more!) of these aforementioned areas, it may be beneficial to set up a consultation with an experienced wealth advisor.

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Market Update: Magnificent 7(ish), AI, and Broadening of the Market Rally... Thumbnail

Market Update: Magnificent 7(ish), AI, and Broadening of the Market Rally...

As we turned the page to 2024, the markets needed a new catalyst to keep the uptrend going. And sure enough, we got one: the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the baton was passed from the market's reliance on both lower interest rates and lower inflation to AI, stocks began to rally around the incredible enthusiasm for this new technology and what it could mean for corporate profits.

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