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“Our models don’t work that way…”

Have you ever felt that the investment advice you received from an advisor was the same advice given to multiple customers even those with different circumstances and risk profiles? 

Was your portfolio being handled in a cookie-cutter approach?

What makes NCM unique is not the breadth of the services we offer, but how we are able to personalize those services, spend the time with each client and build a partnership that extends deeper than the typical client-advisor relationship.  

At NCM, we don’t dictate to our clients; we work for them. We focus on their objectives and try to customize our services with as much depth and detail as is necessary to meet these expectations. And in learning a client’s comprehensive financial picture, we are able to assist on a wide range of issues, including:

Portfolio Management

Investment strategies offered:

Low cost, index fund portfolios

At NCM, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. When you pick up the phone to call us, you'll always hear a familiar friendly voice on the other end, no call centers here. By investing in funds from a variety of investment firms we are able to offer our clients in-house, non-proprietary funds.

Income Strategy

Looking for something unique in the investment industry? Frustrated with today’s low interest rates in the bond market? Our unique income strategy combines dividend stocks and ETF’s paired with covered calls to achieve a higher level of current income. 

Defensive Equity Strategy

Our defensive equity strategy is tailored for more conservative investors who are frustrated with the low yields and returns in the bond markets, but uncomfortable with stock market risk and volatility. Conservative/defensive investments are designed to allow some participation in the upside of the stock markets, while also protecting wealth better in the down markets. 

Our flagship Strategy

Tired of the cookie cutter approach that much of Wall Street is selling nowadays? Our flagship strategy is a customized, individualized portfolio built for your needs. Using a combination of our other strategies and investments, our customized portfolios are designed to achieve a rate of return needed to reach financial independence. 

Interested in learning more about our investment strategies? Let's chat! 

Ad-Hoc Financial Planning

  • Individual advice session(s)
  • Includes advice on:   
    • Financial investments
    • College planning
    • 401k planning
    • Insurance planning
    • Retirement planning

Fees for ad-hoc financial planning are based on an hourly rate.

Customized Financial Plan

  • Asset allocation
  • Investment strategies
  • Insurance needs
  • Tax strategies
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning

Fees for customized financial planning are based on a fixed schedule.

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