Ask Yourself

Your Partner To Financial Success

Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • Is my financial advisor just trying to sell me a product? Why does he only recommend one type of investment (i.e. mutual funds,annuities, or separate accounts)?
  • How do I know if my advisor is looking out for my best interests?
  • How did my financial advisor react during the credit crisis and market downturn?
    • Was he like a "deer in headlights" and seem to put blinders on and do nothing? Or did he come up with new, well thought out ideas on how to navigate through the difficult markets?
  • Am I paying for financial services I do not need?
  • Do I know how my advisor is compensated?
    • Does he have sales quotas to meet every month, 6 months, year? If so, doesn't that distract him from working for me?

Are you thinking about this?

  • How well does my investment advisor or firm know me?
    • How often do they call me? Or does it seem like I am always calling them?
    • Why does it seem like I have to constantly explain who I am, my goals, preferences, etc.?
    • Why can't I find an advisor who understands and knows me so that each time we speak it doesn't feel like we are starting all over again?

Are you looking for a trusted, independent financial advisor...

  • That is free from the many conflicts of interest that exist.
  • That will act solely upon your best interest.
  • That has the experience to guide clients in today's difficult and complex financial markets.
  • That you can trust to put together a customized, financial plan for you.